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Why is fencing a perfect sport?


For centuries and long after it mostly lost the practical applications, fencing was not only a major athletic activity, but an important part of children’s education. Fencing teaches independent and fast thinking, responsibility, concentration, precision, mental and physical endurance - all the qualities necessary to succeed in life generally.

Being a martial art, fencing is listed among the safest sports of all, so you can enjoy the excitement of a combat without the risk of being injured or injuring your opponent.

Fencing is a very complex skill. There’s no single quality that guarantees an advantage in fencing. You can be of a different body type, height, physical strength or natural speed, and be successful in fencing by balancing your game. The weapon in your hand is a great equalizer.

Fencing is the best sport to have on your college application, not only because you have better chances to get into a competitive collegiate program in fencing, than in ‘major sports’, but also because fencing (and chess) is the sport the admission officers are very positive about. They know what qualities fencing requires and develops. They want smart people!

Fencing is a life long sport. You can enjoy being competitive (at various levels) at any age. It is perfect for adults, because it combines an exciting rigorous physical activity with an intricate mental game, and requires a constant exercise of emotional control. The need for continuous presence of attention in fencing is incomparable to any other activity. (The speed of the interactions in fencing is on average ten times faster than in tennis.) Fencing is a great anti-aging tool!

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