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Safety Rules

1. Warm up and stretch well.


2. Mask, jacket, long pants, and glove must always be worn when fencing.


3. The weapons are to be treated with respect and awareness at all times. Weapons must be carried point down at all times. They are not toys. A weapon is only pointed at another person when that person is fully masked and ready to fence or drill.


4. Fencers must always be masked when weapons are raised, point forward. This means on all occasions, including discussion of actions and during drills.


5. Violent fencing actions are not permitted. Fencers must control parries and attacks so that the opponent is not injured by whipping or hard stabbing actions of the blade. If you cannot execute a flick properly, don't do it. Do not cause body contact nor use the unarmed hand against your opponent. Do not turn your back on your opponent.


6. Stop fencing instantly if you think something is wrong or if your opponent retreats and waves the unarmed hand or gives any sign of wanting to stop.


7. If you think a weapon is broken, stop fencing instantly.


8. If you counterattack, you are responsible for preventing body contact, injury, and weapons breakage.


9. If you feel a fencer is behaving in a dangerous or uncontrolled fashion, report it to the instructor immediately. 


10. Inspect your weapons and mask each time you use them. If you are using club gear and find any problem please report it to the instructor. Do not put the item in question back into club storage without reporting it. 


11. Wear proper shoes for fencing (indoor or fencing shoes). Please be sure that shoes are clean when entering the fencing floor to avoid dust and moisture buildup which make the floor slippery.


12. Fencers on the floor have right of way. Persons not fencing are obligated to keep themselves and their gear clear of fencers on the floor.


13. Report injuries immediately to an instructor. 


Fencing is an extremely safe sport. Most injuries consist of pulled muscles and minor bruises. Even so, safety, both on and off-strip, is of utmost importance at Ludus Fencing Studio. The responsible use of weapons and other fencing gear is expected at all times.  Unsafe or irresponsible conduct will not be tolerated, and may result in ejection form the premises and/or dismissal from the studio.

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