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Coaching is provided in all three weapons. 
Open floor sessions are available for experienced fencers (w/USFA membership.)



Introduction to fencing, 60-90 minutes
individual - $50
two people - $25
three people and more - $15
Equipment is provided
In case of more than one session of Intro to Fencing is recommended, USFA membership would be required (at the Access level as a minimum - $29 a year)

Ludus Membership - $120/month ($50/month for full time college students)
The Membership covers participation in all beginner, regular and open floor practices

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP - every additional family member gets a 50% discount off of the original membership fee.
USFA membership is required 

Private lesson, 20min - $25

Open floor fencing for non-members - $10
Open floor fencing is FREE for college students

Little Kids class (once a week, for 6-8 y. o. ) -

$15/class or $50/month

Homeschool class (once a week) - $15/class or $50/month

Here are some of the training concepts for my studio:
1. Training should be fun. 
2. There is no complicated levels system. After going through an individualized introductory period (learning the basics of footwork, blade-work, and tactics, such as understanding of the Right Of Way), a beginner would be joining the main group of fencers. As a general rule children younger than 8-9 years old do not participate in the main group sessions. A separate once a week class is offered for younger kids. 
3. I don’t believe in non-competitive fencing. Fencing is competitive by its nature. The level of competitiveness may be different. One may want to compete only with the club-mates, another may have Olympic aspirations.
4. There are no required competitions. Everyone should decide for herself or himself when and where to compete. I will be only giving recommendations.
5. There is no required number of individual lessons. Again everybody has to decide on the level of commitment. I will be giving the recommendations depending on individual goals.
6. There will be no coaching fees at competitions. Special arrangements may be necessary for my travel expenses if coaching is requested.
7. The membership fee is the same for all - $120 per month, providing the same access to all the classes. (Lessons paid separately.) If you are willing to participate in all available classes every week, the price for a class is less than $6. If you are a beginner, who is not yet committed to fence 5-6 days a week, the price per a class would be higher. I consider the advanced fencers to be an asset, and the beginners should be in a way paying for the opportunity to fence with them. Just remember, being a beginner is a temporary status. Pretty soon you may be benefiting from this system.


I have several years of experience teaching wheelchair fencing. Those who want to try themselves in this exciting Paralympic sport are welcome at Ludus.

Contact me to schedule your FREE introductory lesson.


Fencing for people with vision loss is a part of our newly established epee program  











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